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How Not to Provide Materials

While our core content is for sale, much of what we're going to be providing you will be free and open. In addition to our journal, we're developing free Chinese learning materials. These will take many forms. The first will be our Chinese learning blog. Then we'll be introducing Chinese learning ebooks as well.

Our current policy is to retain copyright over our writing. But once we re-organize our back catalog our plan is to publish part of our materials with a Creative Commons license. This will allow students and educators the ability to more freely use our helpful materials. And don't worry, the materials won't be watermarked:

Learn Yu Wen is out of Beta

Unlike Google and many other Web 2.0 sites, we're getting out of Beta. Our backend systems are finally production ready. And there are plenty more features on the way.

You'll notice we care a great deal about what the community is telling us. Teachers especially have given us great feedback into our journal and website. One request we keep hearing is for us to give teachers a platform to discuss and collaborate on their teaching with one another. We're currently working out the best way to handle this. A Chinese teachers forum would be the obvious answer. However we're going to provide more than this.

As always, we extensively use Open Source software as our platform. Any development and customization done by our team is contributed back into the software community. Open source software is also a great way for Chinese language teachers to work with students freely without worrying about software costs.


Learn Yu Wen at ACTFL 2009

Learn Yu Wen members were at ACTFL this year. Plenty of teachers were excited to talk to us about the Journal. In fact, teachers at various grade levels were all enthusiastic after receiving hardcopies to evaluate. You, however, can download a free eBook version right now. But if you're a teacher and would like a print edition, feel free to email us.

Teacher Feedback Survey

The recent "New England Chinese Language Teacher Network Conference" took place. There, we offered to help tailor our materials to better suit teachers' needs. To do this we gave everyone in attendance a survey to fill out. The answers submitted will greatly help us in meeting your needs. If you couldn't attend the conference but would still like to submit your opinions, please take this quick survey. In it we ask for questions about how you enjoy our Journal or what you'd like to see done differently.

Take the survey now!

New England Chinese Language Teacher Network Conference

Today, Learn Yu Wen presented to Boston area Chinese language teachers in one of the largest annual regional conferences held in the area. Educators from all grade levels and a number of states came to participate.

Our presentation was given by Andrew Miller and Jozef Nagy.

The presentation is available online.
Download (PDF)

The survey we handed out during our presentation will be online shortly.

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