We provide two levels of monthly journals designed to support those who are learning Chinese language and culture in the North America. 



It is primarily for beginners who have not learned Chinese language before.  With Pinyin and English support, it serves to stimulate students’ interest in and out of the classroom. It has games, songs, poems, stories, word puzzles, YCT Tests, as well as instructive cultural information about China. 



It is generally for those who have learned some Chinese language and have some background. It deepens and broadens learners’ exposure to Chinese language and culture. It offers more reading materials with exercises, in addition it provides SAT, AP and HSK test exercises to help those who are preparing for advanced learning.


The two Learn Yu Wen journals have become a unique resource for both beginner and intermediate level of Chinese language learners. College Board has listed it as one of the AP Chinese test preparatory materials since 2005.