Learn Yu Wen at ACTFL 2009

Learn Yu Wen members were at ACTFL this year. Plenty of teachers were excited to talk to us about the Journal. In fact, teachers at various grade levels were all enthusiastic after receiving hardcopies to evaluate. You, however, can download a free eBook version right now. But if you're a teacher and would like a print edition, feel free to email us.

Sharing Teaching Tips and Ideas

If there's one thing I've learned after training many teachers and teaching many students is that there is a wealth of experience and ideas that reside within many people. So, it would be great to be able to share some illuminating stories and especially some effective teaching tips. Thanks! - Andrew

International Education Week Kicks Off

If you're a high school student, now is the time to get a scholarship to study abroad in a variety of countries.

The National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) is a unique program that teaches languages most students do not have opportunities to learn in high school, but are rapidly becoming critical to know, especially when preparing for careers in many different fields. Sponsored by the Department of State, NSLI-Y is designed to increase American citizens' capacity to engage foreign governments and peoples through the critical languages of Arabic, Mandarin, Persian, Hindi, Korean, Russian and Turkish.

As always, Learn Yu Wen is your guide beyond the classroom in Chinese language and cultural studies. Consider subscribing to our monthly eBook. You'll find plenty of helpful exercises and useful tips.

Learn Chinese this Christmas Season *Free Preview Sample*

Practice your Chinese with the upcoming Christmas holiday season. An upcoming sneak preview of one of our many ebooks is being given to our audience. This sneak peak is one of many helpful ways Learn Yu Wen is helping you to learn Chinese language and culture. Our Chinese language blog is another great tool to bookmark.

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Teacher Feedback Survey

The recent "New England Chinese Language Teacher Network Conference" took place. There, we offered to help tailor our materials to better suit teachers' needs. To do this we gave everyone in attendance a survey to fill out. The answers submitted will greatly help us in meeting your needs. If you couldn't attend the conference but would still like to submit your opinions, please take this quick survey. In it we ask for questions about how you enjoy our Journal or what you'd like to see done differently.

Take the survey now!

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